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Featuring new and exclusive stories from bestselling authors


Featuring new and exclusive stories from bestselling authors


by Rachel Van Dyken

Welcome to the world of the Elite....Where nothing is as it seems. All El wants to do is make it through the school year without gaining any sort of attention.

Until she gains his attention. He's cruel.  He's beautiful. He's everything she's been warned to stay away from...

The Faire

by Janet B. Taylor

In a time before knowing, oracles in the Druid Council foresaw the end of both druidic power, and the ruination of the Scottish Highlanders' way of life. Using combined magic, the Council isolated their world, secreting it away from the natural timeline. When, hundreds of years later, magic begins weakening, only one hope remains...


Girl Reaper

by Justina Ireland

Abby Singleton is a dandelion in a family of roses.  Her older sister is a tennis star and her younger sister is a prodigy.  Abby’s talent?  Writing fan fiction.  Even Abby’s parents seem strangely perfect.  Dad is a tax lawyer who escaped from a life in the inner city and Abby’s mother…well, Mom alternates her time between ripping souls out of the recently deceased and making the town’s best cookies...

Moving On

by Amy Reece

Kylie Davis is a high school senior who’s smart, pretty, and should be on top of the world. But her boyfriend’s death in a fiery car wreck at the end of their junior year changed everything. After a summer abroad, trying to learn to deal with her overwhelming grief, she’s finally ready to get back to her life. That’s a tall order when her boyfriend, who is extremely dead, shows up at school...


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