1. What is INKLO? 

The Instagram for written stories and their authors. The platform that writers have been waiting for - a vehicle for written stories to achieve true virality. Your readers will follow you like they would an Instagram celebrity, waiting in suspense for your episodes (chapters). On INKLO, readers share a social reading experience like none before.

2. How does it work? 

INKLO authors self-publish serialized stories in weekly episodes that are released at the same day, same time every week. When a new episode is published, all the followers of your story receive a notification at the same time, creating a shared moment in time - a social event. Followers then read in real-time and post comments and emoji reactions to your content like they would on a FB Live feed, or viral IG picture. It’s kind of like a Game of Thrones watch party on your phone.

3. Do I get paid?

Yes! For a limited time, accepted applicants will receive a $100 Visa gift card after publishing their first 12 weekly episodes.

4. How long are episodes? 

Between 500 to 2500 words.

5. How often would I need to publish an episode?

Once a week.

6. What happens if I don’t publish an episode?

Technically, nothing. But your followers will be super disappointed :(

7. How long does my series need to be?

As long as you see fit. Tell your story and tell it well.

8. Who writes on INKLO?

INKLO is made by students for students. Only those with an active .edu email address can apply to write.

9. Who owns the rights to my story?

Your story your rights. Ownership of your story remains fully with you, INKLO takes only a non-exclusive license to publish your words.

10. Where do I go to publish my story?

Here on the INKLO writer’s portal. Once your application is accepted, you’ll be given full access and instructions. It’s easy, and optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

11. Can I see what my followers are commenting and reacting to on my story?

Definitely. All from the trusty writer’s portal. Readers can be savages, though.

12. Do readers pay?


13. Can I write more than one story?

Not yet cowboy (cowgirl).

14. How can I connect with my followers?

Through the portal you can access both On The Record and Behind The INK. On The Record is like your own INKLO Twitter feed - post whatever you want whenever you want and it’ll go out directly to everyone who follows you or your story (readers can do either or both). Only those who follow your story will get a notification each time you publish on Behind The INK - behind the scenes access to the secrets of your story.

15. How do my followers interact?

Readers can see who else is reading with them in real-time, and see where their friends are in the episode. Readers can also leave emoji reactions or start conversations with other readers on any line of your story. Again, you can go on the portal and see every comment left on every individual line (at your own risk). Readers can follow other readers just like they can follow you, too, and see what their friends are reading and when they leave comments!

16. Do I have to make a story cover image?

Yes, if your application is accepted. Story cover images must be of the dimensions 375 wide x 480 tall.

17. Why did you build INKLO?

Let’s face it - creative writing and reading needed a facelift. Why should a bikini picture on Instagram get a million views and an award-winning author can’t get 10k likes from millennials on Twitter? We believe fiction can and should be viral content. So we made INKLO.

18. Okay I’m sold. Where do I sign up?

Join the movement here.